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Leslie Lanxinger, White Whale, Coagula Curatorial, January 2017

January 7 - February 12

Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 7
7 - 11 PM

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Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present White Whale -- an installation of paintings, drawings, and sculptural experiences by artist Leslie Lanxinger.

White Whale is a new series of drawings and sculptures by Leslie Lanxinger. Inspired by Moby Dick and loosely based on passengers of the Pequod, all individual characters work together in microcosmic harmony/disharmony.

White Whale is a force of nature, the knowledge that what you are fighting is internal as well as external, and can perhaps be reconciled, but never removed. Lanxinger's characters resist and question quietly, sometimes clinging to one another, sometimes accusing or entreating, sometimes reflecting alone.

Lanxinger begins by building masks and costumes from paper mache and textiles. She then stages the characters using models to create her charcoal drawings on paper. Both the sculptures and the drawings describe a narrative where primal embodiments of raw emotion and memory become commentaries on the state of the world.

974 Chung King Road | Los Angeles, CA | 90012