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APR 18 - MAY 16

Abel Alejandre | Coagula | New Available Work, 2015



7 - 11 PM

Coagula Curatorial is pleased to present Abandoned Superhero - a solo show of new work by Abel Alejandre. The exhibit opens Saturday, April 18 and runs thru May 16. There is a reception for the artist on April 18 at 7 PM – 11 PM.

This exhibit comes on the heels of the installation of a major public art project of Alejandre's broke ground. Twelve permanent artwork panels by the artist are now in place at the Westwood-Rancho Park Metro Station, part of the Expo Line extension opening in early 2016.

Now the attention turns to Abandoned Superhero - a show of new drawings. As with most of the artist's work, this exhibit deals with the inner world of manhood. Abandoned Superhero is an exploration of coming to terms with aging while holding on to our ferocious appetites -- appetites to conquer, fight, love, run and to fly faster and better than all.

The artist strives to collide life's little insults that come with middle age into every man's innocent dreams, aspirations to do good, to save the day, and desires to be a superhero.

On this stage, the artist's subjects are prepared to do anything. Alejandre wants to place his audience in the uncomfortable position of judging a man. But no matter their verdict, each subject Alejandre draws stands in defiance.

About the artist: Abel Alejandre emigrated from Apatzingan, Mexico but considers Wilmington, California his hometown. His popular signature style is black on white, labor-intensive crosshatched renderings from graphite that can take dozens of pencils and hundreds of hours to complete. He has exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. This is his second solo show with Coagula Curatorial in Los Angeles.