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Emma Sulkowicz, "Self Portrait", Coagula Curatorial, 2016
You can’t make a sculpture for a pedestal unless you’ve sat on the pedestal yourself.”
-Rirkrit Tiravanija, in conversation with the artist

February 27 - April 3

Durational Performance by the artist live in the gallery thru March 18
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Coagula Curatorial presents SELF-PORTRAIT, the first solo show by New York based artist EMMA SULKOWICZ, who recently graduated from Columbia University. Sulkowicz became known for the torrential media coverage of her 2014 artwork Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight).

The Wikipedia page written about that artwork explains:

...[Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)] was conducted as her senior thesis during the final year of her visual arts degree at Columbia University in New York City. Begun in September 2014, the piece involved her carrying a 50-lb mattress – of the kind Columbia uses in its dorms – wherever she went on campus. She said the piece would end when a student she alleged had raped her in her dorm room in 2012 was expelled from or otherwise left the university. Sulkowicz carried the mattress until May 2015 when both students graduated. Several women helped her carry it to the graduation ceremony.”

Sulkowicz, 23, will show two new works in this exhibit. The first is Self-Portrait (Performance with Object) a durational performance, in the gallery. The artist will be on a platform in the gallery during regular gallery hours for the first three weeks of the show. Participants are invited to interact with Sulkowicz. They can speak with her about anything. However, questions that objectify or fetishize her can be addressed to Emmatron. Emmatron is a life-sized ultra-realistic replica of Sulkowicz. On another set of sculptural platforms, viewers can interact with Emmatron through an app, which is programmed to enable the replica to answer a series of pre-set questions that the artist is no longer willing to answer.

Also in the show is In-Action Figure: a 3D-printed replica of Sulkowicz. Inspired by Sulkowicz’s experience with the media, In-Action Figure reflects the widespread commodification and flattening of her image in the news and on the internet.

Self-Portrait as an exhibit is a live investigation of identity as performance. It pushes the limits and meaning of the self-portrait as a contemporary concept.

EMMA SULKOWICZ SELF-PORTRAIT runs February 27 thru April 3.

The opening reception is Saturday, February 27, 7-11 PM. This is when the artist’s performance will commence.

Coagula Curatorial is open WED – SAT from 1 until 6 PM and on Sundays 1-4 PM.

The opening reception will be part of historic Chung King Road's February Art Night which also includes concurrent openings at Charlie James Gallery, Good Luck Gallery, Project Gallery and Gregorio Escalante Gallery


KCET ArtBound (Matthew Stromberg, March 28, 2016)

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